Build a unique solution for your SMB clients

Leverage vcita’s open platform to create an all-in-one digital solution under your brand.


Offer your clients an integrated experience

Connect your own applications or third-party apps to vcita’s small business management solution. Thanks to our public APIs your integrations will be embedded into vcita’s UI and support entire, fully-connected workflows, such as: Payment gateways, e-wallets, digital marketing app, financial services, reports, and more.


Define your own pricing and upsell path

We support any business model – whether it’s freemium or a tiered pricing model. Create your own upsell and cross-sell opportunities with in-app purchasing and a marketplace for paid apps.

A business management
platform under your brand

A complete partner tool kit

Account management

Create account templates, clone accounts, import data via API, impersonate accounts with a dedicated Account management platform.

Reporting and insights

Track performance, product usage, adoption and ARPU with an intuitive dashboard. Gain insights with data taps that allow you to build your own reports.

Multi-language platform

Fully localized solution that serves users worldwide. Our platform is currently available in 11 different languages and can be easily localized into additional languages.

Industry support

Our platform can be verticalized to support a variety of industries, specific occupations, and professions to best serve your clients.

Content portal

Our partners get access to curated training materials, personalized or white-labeled assets and additional marketing materials.

Technical documentation

We make working together as easy as it gets, with detailed technical documentation, a complete developer hub and a design system.

Built for quick and easy adoption

Quick self-onboarding

Easy onboarding with guided in-product guides allows your SMBs to get up and running in no time.

In-product education

Make it easy for your users to learn the product benefits independently with our white-label in-product education flow.

White-label Help Center

Our extensive Help Center articles and how-to’s are available to our partner clients for immediate support.

Built-in App marketplace

Everything your clients love, in one place

Bring your vision to life with our platform

When developing your own solution from scratch

▸ Hire & train a development team
▸ Build integrations with third-party apps from scratch
▸ Implement privacy and security requirements
▸ Hire & train sales & customer support teams
▸ Create marketing & sales materials from scratch
▸ Create user onboarding flows and assets
▸ Launch a solution in 2-3 years
▸ Build tools to manage accounts & monitor performance

When leveraging vcita’s platform to launch your unique solution

✓ Stick to you current headcount

✓ Leverage vcita’s APIs to easily inject plug & play integrations

✓ Meet the highest standards of security & compliance

✓ Gain access to sales collateral and training materials

✓ Effortlessly onboard users with self-serve onboarding workflow

✓ Go live within 6-8 weeks

Get real-time data with a completely customizable suite of reports

See how our platform
helps small businesses succeed

How this online tutoring business used vcita to reduce admin and increase teaching time

How this canine care clinic reduced no-shows by 100% and admin costs by 50%

How this swimming coach increased her profitability by 30%

How this marketing guru became a profitable mompreneur

Build your app

We have the tech can know-how to help you build the best experience for your small business clients and their customers.

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