Our Brochure

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Mission Statement

The Northstar Cultural Community Centre is an organization of African Canadians whose mission is to foster the economic and social development of the cultural community through communication, education, history and the arts.

History: The NCCC Timeline

  • In 1998, residents expressed a strong desire for an African Canadian Community Centre somewhere in the downtown area of Windsor and a neighbourhood reunion at Wigle Park.
  • In 2003, the African Canadian Community Centre became an established entity as a non¬profit corporation.
  • In 2005, a “Mosaic Project” website. Foundations: The African Canadian Connection was developed in partnership with the Windsor Public Library.
  • In 2006, charitable status was granted under the new name of the Northstar Cultural Community Centre (NCCCentre).
  • In 2007, published a Heritage Sketch Book and a Community History Album funded by a Ontario Trillium Foundation grant.
  • In 2008, conducted a Tribute Heritage bus tour to Black history landmarks throughout the Windsor in honour of Lindon Brooks, the first conductor on Windsor’s electric trolley (circa 1886).
  • In 2010, established the NorthstarCCCentre Archival Collection and Memorial Plaque Wall of Remembrance for deceased family and community residents.
  • In 2011, Northstar organized a luncheon attended by Fergie Jenkins to introduce the commemorative postage stamp released in his honour by Canada Post.
  • In 2012, initiated Strategic Planning process to develop a vision for future sustainability, funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Pride: Northstar Cultural Community Centre

Our name, Northstar Cultural Community Centre, was chosen to reflect the significance of the slogan “Follow the North Star to Canaanland”, which the escaping refugees traveling along the routes of the Underground Railroad knew to be Canada. As a part of the Big Dipper Constellation, the North Star has always been a significant beacon of light in the sky.

Our logo represents the foundation upon which we stand which is:

  • Sharing African Canadian HISTORY!
  • Encouraging individual PRIDE!
  • Promoting Neighbourhood UNITY!

Unity: McDougall Street Reunion

The annual McDougall Street Reunion brings together current and former residents from the African-Canadian neighborhood, known as the McDougall Street Corridor in Windsor Ontario.

Traditionally, this area of the city (including Goyeau Street, Windsor Avenue, Mercer Street, Highland Avenue) has been the hub of the African-Canadian community since the mid 1 800s. This area has grown into a vibrant thread within the tapestry of Windsor’s diverse multicultural community.

The Reunion is held over multiple days usually around the 2nd Saturday in August and includes a variety of components such as picnics, talent shows, sporting events, seniors luncheon and children’s activities on Family Day at Wigle Park.

We are a community-centered, Canadian charity where members, volunteers and staff work together to foster the development of spirit, mind and body of individuals and families. This is achieved by delivering programs that respond to needs in our community in a secure, convenient and affordable environment. Member benefits include discounts on event tickets, having input in the decisions made by Northstar Cultural Community and, most importantly, knowing that you are truly making a difference.

Heritage Books

A Colourful HistoryHeritage Sketch Book $10
This book is dedicated to the residents past and present who will always have McDougall Street memories. The book contains a collection of photographs from the early 1900’s, depicting life in Windsor for the Black community. This can serve as an educational memento, but also doubles as a colouring book for those who wish to bring the pages to life themselves.


End of the JourneyCommunity History Album $20
This book is dedicated to the courageous people of all races who fought for our freedom by helping people to achieve it. This informative compilation of facts and photographs can be enjoyed by heritage and history enthusiasts alike. Experience the story of African Canadians then and now on their journey to freedom as told by our very own Heritage team.


Heritage Package (Both Books) $25

10th Year Anniversary Challenge

In our 10th year of operation, our challenge is to RECRUIT and/or RENEW 100 members.
Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Northstar Cultural Community Centre.

It is through your membership that you join with others who have endorsed our mission and vision, and you help us to provide important programs in the community.

Membership Levels

  • Minimum Individual Donation: $30.00 / year
  • Minimum Family Donation: $50.00 / year
  • Minimum Senior Donation: $20.00 / year (60 years and over)
  • Minimum Student Donation: $20.00 / year
  • Non-Profit Membership: $100 / year
  • Corporate Membership: $250 / year

Member Benefits

  • Discounts on Event Tickets
  • Having input in the decisions made by Northstar Cultural Community Centre
  • Most importantly, knowing you’re making a difference

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