Welcome to Northstar Community Centre

Our name, the Northstar Cultural Community Centre, was adopted by our founders to reflect the ‘North Star’.  As a part of the Big Dipper Constellation, the North Star has always been a significant beacon of light in the sky.

The inspiration for Project Northstar began about 200 years ago when our ancestors crossed over the Detroit River in boats, traveled across land on foot, or rode in wagons, following the ‘North Star’ in search of Canaanland (now Canada).  It was during this period of the Underground Railroad that refugees, escaping slavery, used the axiom ‘Follow the North Star’ to arrive in the land of hope and freedom.

Historically, the North Star has symbolized hope and promise to many who have used it to guide them on their journey.  The Northstar Cultural Community Centre is a leader in the promotion of public interest and historical research of African Canadian history in Southwestern Ontario.  Paramount to our endeavors is the preserving and perpetuating of African Canadian traditions through community spirit, education, recreation and social activities for all who reside in and visit Windsor-Essex.